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Alphabetville Marseille

Alphabetville develops activities in writing and creation in new media art and culture.
It is presided by Rémy Fenzy and leaded by its founder Colette Tron

Practice and theory are going both into this goal, through producing artistic projects in one hand, and in an other hand by organising professionnal seminaries and public conferences, and by editing the result of these researches (book publications or website documents).
The questionning is about relations between langages and medias, or in a certain way considering as Mac Luhan that « medium is message », and more largely about cultural situation and policy in the society of information, and into the digital era.


To an art of hypercontrol /Under the direction of the philosopher Bernard Stiegler
Alphabetville avec l’Ecole supérieure d’art d’Aix-en-Provence et l’Institut de Recherche et d’Innovation du Centre Pompidou

The french philosopher Bernard Stiegler develops the idea that we are now into the times of hypercontrol, made possible by the digital technologies, the big data, the systems of tracks, and the automatic society. These « hyperindustrial » devices would constitute the process of a social desintegration. In reference to Gilles Deleuze, Stiegler launches the challenge of an « art of hypercontrol », as a « positive pharmacology ». And into the perspective of a politic of, and for, invention, in art, and into all forms of knowledge. This project proposes the frame of a research, of actions, experimentations and creation, putting links between theory and practices, modes of organization and political action in art and culture.

International summit « Critical making » 2015
Alphabetville avec HONF (Jogjakarta, Indonésie)

Dr Matt Ratto, who coined the expression ’critical making’ in 2007, describes the practice as “signaling a desire to theoretically and pragmatically connect two modes of engagement with the world that are often held separate - critical thinking, typically understood as conceptually and linguistically based, and physical ‘making,’ goal-based material work”. 

Echoing the necessity to critically engage with culture, history and society globally, into the frame of technological development, this notion tries to consider as well as the making than thinking. During the summit, will be approached the transformations of production due to the digital technologies and machines, and proposed a process to rethink art and artistic gesture, its meaning, its social rôle and its economical perspectives.

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Crea numerica
5th Cairo Video Festival

Publications principales / Main books :
Nouveaux medias, nouveaux langages, nouvelles écritures / New medias, new languages, new writing http://www.alphabetville.org/article.php3?id_article=26
Poétiques du numérique / Poetics of the digital http://www.alphabetville.org/article.php3?id_article=84
Esthétique et société / Aesthetic and society http://www.alphabetville.org/article.php3?id_article=113