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European program econtentplus Information society and media Target project for digital libraries

eContentplus is a market oriented programme which aims to support the production, use and distribution of European digital content and to promote linguistic and cultural diversity on the global networks.
make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable.
The programme aims at facilitating access to digital content, its use and exploitation, enhancing quality of content with well-defined metadata, and reinforcing cooperation between digital content stakeholders. It will tackle multilingual and multicultural barriers. Instants video in France is a foundator member of GAMA project.

Proposal abstract
Media art is one of the most popular contemporary art genres. Its appeal for the general, and especially the young public lies with its experimental, innovative and often audacious way to question and challenge but also render homage to the role of media in our lives, with all its ambiguity. In the face of this, media art archives have an invaluable importance amongst modern art collections. Yet, if the existing digital media art libraries are accessible only with difficulty for cultural or scholarly stakeholders, how much more so must they be for the general interested public? Use and re-use of the archives’ digital content are totally disproportionate to the importance of media art in contemporary culture. GAMA is a project to correct this incongruity.

GAMA IS establishing a central platform to enable multilingual, facilitated and user-orientated access to a significant number of media art archives and their digitalized contents. The consortium comprises of a majority of the most important digital content holders for media art in Europe. The content provided constitutes approx. 2/3 of all digital material on media art placed online by
European libraries. This amount will ensure a significant increase in use, re-use and cross-border visibility of the digital content when aggregated and accessible through one common interface.
GAMA will quickly develop to be the European central online interface and search portal for any person interested in media art.
GAMA will consolidate the extremely heterogeneous landscape of digital media art archives, libraries and other digital content providers for the users. The consortium includes highly qualified technical partners with vast expertise in the field of digital media art archives. Most prominent amongst them are members of the Culture2000 project OASIS with the database adaptors and middleware that resulted from this project. Through the implementation and combination of these with other proven solutions with respect to the nature of media art and the needs of the user community, the project will provide a major improvement in accessing the different archives regardless of their diverging archive structures, their metadata characteristics, their individual focus and approach, their various digital formats and the languages used within the archive.
All user groups will be evaluating the results throughout the project in terms of user-friendliness, accessibility, visibility, quality and multilingual access.

The consortium
11 countries and 18 structures
. Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, Marseille, France
. Université des Beaux Arts de Brême, Allemagne
. AGH, Université des Sciences et Technologies, département des Télécommunications, Cracovie, Pologne
. AdK, Académie des Beaux Arts de Vienne, Autriche
. Argos, Centre interdisciplinaire pour l’art et l’audiovisuel, Bruxelles, Belgique
. Atos Origin s.a.e., (entreprise de TIC), Espagne
. C3 Centre pour la Culture et la Communication, Hongrie
. CIANT, Centre international des Arts et Nouvelles Technologies, Prague, République Tchèque
. Studio du film experimental (Stiftelsen Filmform), Stockholm, Suède
. Heure Exquise ! (distributeurs), Mons en Bareuil, France
. HfG, Université de Design (design, art multimédia, scénographie), karlsruhe, Allemagne
. HGKZ , Zurich (IT expert), Suisse
. Ecole des Beaux Arts d’Utrecht, Pays Bas
. Institut de recherche sur les arts multimédia Ludwig Boltzmann, Autriche
. Institut sur les Arts multimédia Montevideo, Pays Bas
. SCCA, Centre pour les Arts Contemporains, Ljubljana, Slovénie
. TZI, Centre de technologie informatique, Département des Mathématiques et Sciences informatiques, Université de Brême, Allemagne
. Université de Barcelone, Laboratoire des Média Interactifs, Espagne

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