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Kareem OSMAN

multimedia visual artist

Kareem Osman is a multimedia visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt. He uses semiotic frameworks, through visual jockeying, graphic designs and installations. His work explores how cities shape experience,movement, body gestures, and Egyptian life. He has recently started using node based compositing software and technologies to develop his Audio/visual creative tools. He founded DesignKaf for production of personal gadgets using up-cycled materials, and currently working as the technological and creative consultant for Open Lab Egypt.

Open Lab Egypt [OLE] is a space and facility meant for the development of open audiovisual appliances for artistic practices, primarily using FOSS tools and low budget electronics. It is considered to be the first of its kind in the Middle East, where interactive based Media art projects get to be produced and exposed. 
It started in the scope of introductory series of workshops that later developed to continuous intensive training classes for techniques. OLE 
offers the existing generation of Media artists in Egypt and the region, variety of alternative freeware and tools, as well as other DIY solutions for digital and electronic arts creation.