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Medhat Elsoudy

Teacher / video artist

Born in Cairo 1973

Installation video art work
Search for identity

The work reflects the continuing tension which affect the human during his search of identity (which is the search for the special features of personality) or (which is to search the attributes of the nation and consolidate the idea of belonging) in a great similarity with the encounter of the electronic life and the bifurcation of paths( hyper links) that take the viewer to an important question - Is it possible that the technology will be the general form for the identity of human beings?! Or is it a way of knowing the identity ?!... And like working trip search for identity, searching for radio stations in the radio set ……..


A set of computer screens - and multiple electronic cards - a set of large cardboard cylinders, which was formed in the form of electrical cables - a group of human hands was cast by the artist in advance - a group of electric cables


Mediating work the LCD screen through which the main video display to work - along with another video is displayed through the other screens on the floor of work"

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