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visual artist

Mena El-Shazly works with videos, photographs and installations to produce work dealing with themes such as “identity” and “substance abuse”, and their interaction together from a social and a political perspective. She studied Visual Art and Film at the American University in Cairo, graduating in 2013.

Mena worked as an archivist at the American University in Cairo focusing on Egyptian and Lebanese Cinema, and in Medrar for Contemporary Art, she was in charge of archiving low-budget and independent films for the Cairo Video Festival.

In 2013, she exhibited “A Hail of Abuse”, a tapestry installation examining wine names that emerged in pre-Islamic poetry and their integration in the modern Egyptian society. In October 2014, Mena is joining Home Workspace Program (HWP) in Ashkal Alwan, Lebanon.

Since 2012, Mena El-Shazly is a coordinator of Cairo video Festival lead by MEDRAR

View online : MEDRAR/Cairo Video Festival





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