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14 Jul

Performers in the arab world


TAMAM organizes a meeting in partnership with the Tamasi program, the In Festival of Avignon, and the support of Transverscité/ RAMI on Monday the 14th of July at 2:30 pm at the Cloitre Saint-Louis

The meeting proposes to exchange with professionals and audience “about the working conditions of performers in the Arab world and the sustainability of their artistic practice in the context of a total absence of state aid or support.”


From TAMASI, Amany Abouzeid (Egypt), Raed Asfour (Jordan) Hassan el Geretly (Egypt), Abdo Nawar (Lebanon); two independent artists Taher Najib (Palestine) and Sulayman el Bassam (Koweit); from TAMAM, Aline Gemayel (France); from Transverscité/RAMI, Claudine Dussollier (France).

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