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Rami 2007 strange fruit

Ahmed Saleh

From the strange that the multimedia supports high and new spaces to the human soul.
always in the theater and specially from imagination sending sometimes by word and this is the easier type we knew it.
From this easy type of talking for the acceptor or to send anything have great amount of sense that made us be sad and have tears in a tragedy scene on the stage of theater.

All modern way theater interested in the body because it is the tool of the actor .but the perfect aim that specially all artists are interested in theater .
That be a soul message by legend type. And this supports by multimedia.

Multimedia can made the body of the actor goes in a metaphysical world.
This new technology that human beings want to escape in his art a lot of time . and by efforts of some of artists can return the human beings to comunicate with soul world.

This really pictures that can be analyzed the new world of colors and take the special analization and this draws that produced from movement and from follows of the camera to the actor. The special light system and it is difficult to find it in the nature . and the sound that produced by electronic music with special type that can be heard in our daily life or at least it gives us another meaning. That is the normal voices can produced music.

All this things when goes together and the body of actor moved it gives revolution in shapes and imagination but we doesn’t knew it any more .
And made the theater goes up side down the ancient aresto’s definition .
This is the result of simulation of life and it reflects it for contemplation the soul. From its catharsis function that made us take of mistakes. And communicate with our souls . Like that the human soul is an ancient creature and knew the life from its start .

Multimedia supports in theater a great and new revolution in the world like the revolution that the absurd book done before.
That made us imaginate our life again .and take new unusual subject and talk about it .for sure in this type of theater it will produce a new written .
Also this type of theater will supports a big amount of freedom to the artist and spaces of reaction with the acceptor .

Multimedia , light , stenograph a music it is a large spaces of invention art and from the level of production this will made a new way from production of arts . with a small amount of money . if the stage was full of technology .
Ramy project supports us with all his effective events and specially the workshop of multimedia and movement . that I was a member of it. to enter this world specially that done by the trainer of the workshop .made us to have relation with all the tools of this theater and I could try this private ideas like about the light and it interacts with multimedia .and allows us to deal with this technology alone with direction of professionals . but this was not enough to the ambition of the group . and born a new ambitious theater for the group.

To be improved in this field of work and they want to have an experiment of theater . but this was impossible because the time was too short and also the newly relation with this type of theater . but enough to support us our ambitious and want to discover a part of this strange art . and make us more linked with acceptor specially the youth . In the end I want to thank all friends that responsed the project specially Claudine Dussollier, Abdo Nawar and all my colleagues and friends in the multimedia ,movement and body workshop .
Ahmed Saleh
Executive Director of Reflection Institution for Arts, Training & Development
Egypt, Alexandria