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Renaud Vercey

Multimedia director

Renaud Vercey is one of the workshop’s pilots in RAMI project. with Jean Pierre Noun, he drived :
Transmission of Interactive Audiovisual Object on the Internet
in Alexandria in June 07 and Beirut in October 07.

Renaud Vercey has been a multimedia designer at l’*ECM de la Friche la Belle de Mai* from 1998 till 2001.
He collaborated in the creations *M encore! *and *Non seulement* of Georges Appaix as Video Director http://www.laliseuse.org and participated in the French- Japanese PACJAP discovering the musical interactions and new technologies. In 2004, he produced the interactive video of the spectacle Herz of the company Nö. He worked with the company *Tempestant* for the show *...and puis dormir...* then he produced in collaboration with Camille Richard the interactive DVD *Chut! Chutes* .
In 2006, he co-produced Superposition <http://www.superpositions.net> , a work that explores the relation of the body regarding the device, lauréat Net-art of web flash festival. In 2007, he conceived the video of the show *Moby incarcerated* for the company of the circus *Cahin-caha *and conducted Radio vision, a collective creation of music and image related to the poetic of the waves.

He has been invited in October 07 by INC/ECM and Santral Istanbul for an artistic residence around his comun work in progess, with Rémy Rivoire et Bruno Voillot, called Disposition in the frame of Light, Illumination, Electricity project in Santral Istanbul.

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