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Founded by Ahmed El Attar, inaugurated in February 2005, Studio Emad Eddin is the unique project in the Arab World, ( SEE ) offering rehearsal, training and residency space to independent troupes and artists in the field of performing arts in Egypt, the Arab World and, in the case of residencies, internationally. The aim of SEE is to strengthen the field of performing arts in Egypt, advocating cooperation and trust among artists, a policy of open access and promoting contacts and links among Egyptian, regional and international artists.

Studio Emad Eddin is a home for performing artists, especially independent artists. It offers them a meeting point and a window on the art and culture of Egypt and the world, as well as services and programs designed to support and develop the performing arts.

Our mission is to create an artistic and cultural atmosphere which is neutral and alternative, one which expands the foundation of artistic practice and helps independent performing artists in Egypt to establish continuity in developing, creating and linking them with the outside world.

SEE aims to create and maintain
* A work space open to all independent artists on an equal basis for rehearsals and local and international workshops and seminars

* A resource center offering access to internet facilities and to a database consisting of profiles of members (independent artists, troupes), as well as performance, training and funding opportunities.

* Residencies for local, regional and international artists who want to research the performing arts field in Egypt , who are collaborating with Egyptian artists on artistic projects and/or who are conducting workshops in Egypt .

* A support center that provides the region’s first two year comprehensive course in arts management.

From 2010 and 2012, Studio Emad Eddine is leading an european project named J.M LIveratoJM Liverato UE/Program/ SEE-Cairo/April 2010/2012 in collaboration with its various partners in Europe and the Middel East and with the support of the European commission, ZINC/Descent Dance/YOUNG VIC/DANCING ON THE EDGE
This programme brings opportunities for Egyptian & Arab artists. The project took a long time to be realised due to some technical complications and also to the death of our dear friend Jean Marc Liverato, who worked hard with us to formulate the project but suddenly passed away before seeing it come to life and leading it through the two years. We have therefore decieded to dedicate the entire project to his soul and to name the project after him, may he rest in peace.

The project includes workshops, residencies, productions, touring and festivals in multimedia and performing arts over the two year period (the details are in the announcement) All the activities are open to artists from Egypt and the Arab world.

View online : http://seefoundation.org