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21 oct. - 30 oct. 2013


The International festival for dance and performance ’TransDance 13’, operating this year under the title ’Oblivion and Resistance’, invites you to its opening in Cairo.

The festival’s program this year invites artists and theorists from Syria, Tunis, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt and Lebanon to reflect upon notions of remembering, forgetting, monumental events and amnesia. Through such keywords many political ’fetishes’ are born, and many cultural edifices are coined ’kitsch’. For the first time in Cairo, an exclusive Arab edition of TransDance is taking place, within many challenges and on troubling grounds.

Between extreme beauty that we shy away from accepting as part of Arab arts history at this point, and extreme inaccessible kitsch objects that narrate missing parts of the history of art institutions and policy as a co-author of cultural products at times when the identity of subjects is being renegotiated, TransDance invites you to an intimate edition, launched in Cairo, 21st October 2013 at 6pm.

The festival travels between cities from Cairo, and through Yerevan to New York, always intimately, carrying the Fall program through winter, and arriving just before Spring, to the New York City of 2014.

Opening ceremony 6pm : 21st October 2013
at : 868, 8th Floor, Bloc Sud
Immobilia : 26 Sherif Pasha Street
Downtown Cairo, Egypt


Monday 21 October 2013

at 6pm :Opening Talk

Performances :
Impossible Performance/ IN SITU : Amira Chebli (Tunis)
SUM : Sama Wali (Egypt)
RADIO REVOLUTION : Rima Najdi (Lebanon/ USA)

Installations Program Opening :
Lana Sennawi (Egypt), Mey Sefan (Syria), Shayma Aziz (Egypt), Ikon Chiba (Egypt/ Japan)
Opening Concert, by FABRICA

22 October 2013 (7pm)
Ahmad Salhi- ’Journey into the ARC.HIVE : Extracting Men’ (Jordan)
Sama Wali- ’Balance’ (Egypt)
Rima Najdi- ’Radio Revolution’ (Lebanon/ USA)

23 October 2013 (7pm)
Performances :
Sama Wali (Egypt)- ’SUM’
Ahmad Salhi (Jordan)- ’Journey into the ARC.HIVE : Extracting Men’

Lecture :
Abdullah Al-Bayyari (Egypt/ Palestine)- ’Resi[lience]stance’

24 October 2013 (7pm)
Performances :
Sama Wali (Egypt)- ’SUM’
Amira Chebli (Tunis)- ’Impossible Performance/ IN SITU’
Rima Najdi (Lebanon/ USA)- ’Undress Me As You Like’
Mona Gamil (Egypt/ Ireland)- ’FUCK...2013’

Panel and Artist Talk : CriticaliTea session with the artists on ’The Making of Context’

27 October 2013 (7pm)
Performance :
Ezzat Ezzat (Egypt)- ’Journey into the ARC.HIVE : Constructing Narratives’

Film Program :
Tamr Henna (Egypt)
Crystal (Egypt)

28 October 2013 (7pm)
Performances :
Mona Gamil (Egypt/ Ireland)- ’Fuck... 2013’
Ezzat Ezzat (Egypt)- ’Journey to the ARC.HIVE’

Launch of Video-Dance/ Performance program :
Special program curated by SCCA Ljubljana

Tuesday 29 October 2013 (7pm)
Launch of Video-Dance/ Performance program :
Special program curated by SCCA Ljubljana

Screenings of selected Arab video-perforamance program

Wednesday 30 October 2013 (7pm)
Open CriticaliTea Session : Archival practices and memory politics in the Middle East
Closing concert