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Abdallah Dawastashy

Independant Photographer

Abdallah Dawestashy is an artist photographer who has participated in RAMI plat form.

Abdallah Dawestashy was born in Alexandria in 1977.
He obtained a degree in Law from the University of Alexandria in 2002.
He studied Art in “Atelier of Alexandria”. He is a member of this ngo and of the "Camera club” too. He always attends the exhibitions that occur in Egypt and in the foreign countries such as: the Nile Salon for the Audiovisual, the Youth Salon in Cairo and Alexandria”, and the Exhibition of six artists in the Egyptian Academy that took place in Rome.

Since 2004, he has been working as a photographer in the Center of studies in Alexandria and in AlexMed in the Library of Alexandria.
Abdallah Dawestashy is considered one of the artists who see the “image” as an element that draw together the dramatic human work and the constructive abstract art.

This is a new conception that may not gather every principle or notion but it is quite able to cover everything in its representations revealing the esthetic details of both the human being and life. Moreover, He is looking forward to use the media tools in his future works.
He has participaped to the workshop image, sound and web at Beirut in october 07

He has been selected for the egyptian pavillon at Puglia 2008 – Italy
XIII B J C E M B i e n n i a l in visual arts.

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