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Ahmed Nabil

Movie director 

He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1984. With an interest in filmmaking and drawing, he joined the faculty of fine arts and got his BFA in painting in 2006. He studied filmmaking in a two years workshop between 2005 and 2007 in the Jesuits Cultural Center, which was the main starting point for his professional filmmaking career.

Having some early trials with experimental filmmaking, he decided to use this 
background and put it in use with a documentary project. “The Trip” short film was 
sort of a landmark that helped him articulate his initial preferable filmic language. 

17 Fouad Street - Teaser from ahmed nabil on Vimeo.

Filmography :

2007 “Growing Distance” (Fiction), 12 min.
Damascus International Film Festival, 2008

2008 “Collapsing” (Experimental), 4 min.
Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival, France, 2008

2009 “The Trip” (Experimental Documentary), 19 min. 2012
« Vistors of the City » (Documentary), 19 min.

2013 “A Bird on the Bridge” (Experimental), 8 min.

2014 “17 Fouad Street” (Documentary), 32 min.
“Les Rencontres de l’image” film festival, Cairo, 2014 Short documentary award

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