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Caroline Tabet


Caroline Tabet is one of the participant in the first workshop of RAMI in Beirut, June 07, directed by Tarek Ataoui and Guillaume Stagnaro.

Date of birth : May 15, 1974 French and Lebanese
Languages: French, English and Arabic

1991-1993Graduated from Studio Mode School of Photography.
1991 Graduated from College St. Barbe, Paris.
Literary Baccalaureate.
Professional history

2006-2007 “290 Lebanon st” photography exhibition, “Pièce Unique”Beirut.
May- 2006 “Link” multimedia performance , Ashkal Alwane Festival, Beirut.
2005-2006 Visual creation (photography) for public spaces in Beirut.
March-2005 Cine-Mix for “La Jetée” from Chris Marker, performed live at Espace SD. Beirut.
Jan. 2005 “Numbers” multimedia installation, Ersep, Lille – France.
Oct. 2004
“Numbers”, multimedia installation, Dome City Center. Beirut.
2003-2004 Visual creation (photography) for public spaces in Beirut.
Nov. 2003 “Numbers” installation based on a photographic set-up.
Espace SD, Beirut.
Aug. 2003 Installation in “Bazart” exhibition. Zico House, Beirut.
Apr. 2003 On-set photographer for “Cendres” a short film by Khalil Joreige and Joanna Hadjitouma (shown in the Cahors Festival).

Aug. 2002 Directed “Faim de Communication”, short film shown at the “Né à Beyrouth” festival. Edited by Lowave, Paris, 2004.

2001 Directed first video-art “Stock” shown at the Art.Core Event “in the key of square”, Old Souk Down Town – Beirut.

2000-2001Artistic director for “Art.Core” multimedia events. Beirut.
1999 Assistant director for production agency, “Rodeo Drive” Paris.

1997-1999:Assistant director and on-set photographer for production agencies : The Talkies, City Film, Fantastic Film Factory. Beirut.

1996-1997 Assistant director and assistant producer, City Film. Beirut

1995:Photographer for the Red Cross. Beirut.

Assistant photographer on the France Télécom advertisements. Studio Garibaldi. Paris.

1992-1994 Assistant photographer to Tony Hajj. Paris