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Christine Coulange / Nchan Manoyan

Les 7 PORTES - Marseille - France

Christine Coulange et Nchan Manoyan, composers-musicians and videomakers, propose a way to listen to the world, a visual and sonorous experience tied up with reality’s intensity.
In 1989 they created Sisygambis and Les 7 Portes in the same fashion you begin an adventure. The Berlin Wall Fall unable them to share networks with artists from Czech Republic, Russia and Poland, intense moments when experimental expression and political engagements go hand in hand.
Ten years later, the Silk Road project took them on a six months road trip from Marseille to Shanghai, far from the occidental zapping they pursued on collecting testimonies and visions.
Today, through their concerts-installations, they share with the audience their sound and visual samplers full with singing, glances, the dust of travel.
Their first two stays in the Reunion Island and Malaysia strengthened their next project : “From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean”, to explore the Mediterranean sea and the Indian Ocean territories in order to pursue their artistic approach, keeping in mind that Multimedia open doors of communication that go beyond langages.
In 2005, they won the Möbius Price of French Multimedia Creation.

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