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DWAYER group

for arts and dialogue of cultures

About its

Dwayer group for arts and dialogue of cultures that serves to activate and enrich artistic, cultural and intellectual movement in the city of Alexandria and activates events and partnerships for technical projects between Alexandria and Africa and the World, relying on the principle of cooperation and dialogue with others through organizing a series of collective local, regional and international workshops and exhibitions. This is in addition to courses in the fields of visual arts, media and broadcast for various age groups and social classes.
Several members of Dwayer group, as Sharif El Sayed, Reem Hassan, Mohamed Nabil and Moataz El Safty have been participants in RAMI plate-form ( Exhibition, workshops and seminary).

DWAYER group members:

> Artist Moataz El Safty, Director of Dwayer Group - Highest authority for decision-making. Artistic and cultural program coordinator at Atelier of Alexandria.

> Teacher Reem Hassan, responsible for visual arts projects & workshops.
Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria.

> Artist Mohammed Nabil Abdel Salam responsible for the graphic projects & workshops.
Assistant- teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts -Menya.

> Artist Sherif El-Sayed, responsible for media projects & workshops.
Graphic designer at Arab Academy for Science and Technology. With Mohamed Youssef, he has exhibited “The Table” an intercative installation, in the frame of Arborescence Festival, Rami Beirut and the 24° Biennale of Alexandria. He is also one of the graphist involved in the webcartoon Mare Nostrum realised in 2007 with ZINC/ECM and the CEA Alex.

> Artist Ahmed Hafez, responsible for the music projects & porcelain workshops.
Alexandria Library and attached are curriculum vitae of all members

> Artist Walid Jahin, responsible for outreach projects & workshops.
Assistant-teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria.

The objectives
> Establishing an institution that support and nurture the artistic movement in general and especially in the fields of media arts and give real opportunities for young people to be freely creative.

> Increasing the area of artistic and cultural dialogue between Egyptian and foreign artists to increase the exchange of experiences and ideas among a number of workshops and art projects.

> Allowing every possible opportunity and not being limited to a specific set of specific age groups for sustaining functional activities and giving the opportunity to participate and assist fore all ages.

> Establishing several activities that rely primarily on the participation of ideas and dialogue and introducing the other.

> Establishment of several activities that depend primarily on what is new in the world of art and its relationship to technology, for example, Interactive Art which is an art based on interaction with the recipient of the creative work.

> Direction towards interacting with art students and contributing to the definition of various arts by contribution, assistance and participation in the international workshops to give them the information they need smoothly contrary to the conventional method adopted in academies through lectures.

> Complete artistic upbringing of members of the community as the educational process in Egypt lacks this important aspect. Nobody has supplemented it until now.

> Development of creative capacities of young people and their parents through holding training sessions for various arts, such as painting and ceramics, music and special computer techniques and narrative storytelling through digital art.

> Turning to teachers of art subjects at art schools and establishing workshops to raise the level of thinking and development capabilities as they are considered as the ones responsible for producing by their hands generations who may be interested or not interested in culture and arts.

> Creating partnership projects with institutions within and outside Egypt for a number of artistic activities and cultural exchange programs.

E-mail: info dwayer.org Web: www.dwayer.org