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Intermedia Egypt

Since the end of world war two, experimental music has became very popular in the field of art music; starting with using theatrical rituals, and ending with integrating media, especially interactive media, together in a way the senses are working in a new perspective.
Intermedia is proposed by Nahla Mattar, Amr Okba, Marwan Fawzy and Mohamed Adel in the frame of RAMI in Alexandria on the November 25 in Alexandrina Bibliotheca.

The Intermedia Egypt series is launching its first concert as an exposure at the American University in Cairo main campus and in Alexandria.

Three Egyptian compositions are going to be performed; two as a world premier and one as the first Egyptian premiere.

The compositions are:
1- Dispersion: flute, live interactive electronics & video by Nahla Mattar
2- Tripping: strings, piano, spoken voice & video by Marwan Fawzi
3- Four Directions: harp, four timpani & electronics, by Mohamed Adel

The nature of such works demands great support for its usage of unusual instrumental combinations, high technological equipment, and for its unfamiliar style to the Egyptian musical culture.

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