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Kinda Hassan

Kinda Hassan is a Lebanese artist who have participated in RAMI plate-Form in Beirut May 07, in the workshop drived by Tarek Ataoui and Guillaume Stagnaro.

February 2007: Article publication and conception of the back cover of Al-Adab magazine, Beirut, Lebanon.
February 2007: Screening of the video Yet Another Shot at Transmediale festival for art and digital culture Berlin, Germany.
Jan. – Feb. 2007: Art director for the film “That other city”, Anthony Abou Khalifé, Beirut, Lebanon.
July–Aug. 2006: Editing at “Hakaya Al Balad”, Future TV, Beirut, Lebanon.

July 2006: Screening of the video Yet Another Shot at FairPlay festival, Berlin, Germany.

June 2006: Sound design for the performance “When I was an alien, cultures weren’t opinions”, in collaboration with video jockey Randa Mirza and animator Lena Merhej, Art Lounge, Beirut, Lebanon.

May 2006: Sound design for the play « Men wadi la wadi », Rima Maroun and Aurélien Zouki, Estrale Theater, Beirut, Lebanon.

April 2006: Ticket cover and conceptual design for Crossways travel agency, Beirut, Lebanon

March 2006: Screening of the video Yet Another Shot at FIFVC (Festival International de Film Vidéo et Création), Empire Sofil, Beirut, Lebanon.

October 2005: Collective exhibition, installation, ALBA, Dekwaneh, Lebanon

Since Sept. 2005: Teaching plastic arts to all three secondary classes, Carmel Saint Joseph School, Mechref, Lebanon.
April–Oct. 2005: Subscriptions assistant manager, AL-ADAB magazine, Beirut - Lebanon.
March 2005: collective exhibition, video installation, Azariyye Center, Beirut, Lebanon.

● Artistic activities: Photography, Video, Animation, Lithography, Silk Screen, Ceramics, Painting.

○Music: Piano, Synthesizer, Electronic experimental music.

● Computer skills: Adobe: Photoshop, After-Effects, Premiere Pro.
3dsmax, Sony Sound forge, CoolEditPro.

● Language skills: Proficiency in Arabic, French