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Lamia Moghzy

Visual Artist

Lamia Ibrahim Mogahzy is a visual artist who has participated in RAMI plat form in Alexandria and beirut.

She was born in Alexandria in 1985, she is a student in the fourth grad in faculty of fine arts ’painting departmant’, she participated in some activities like an animation workshop at goethe institute 2007, RAMI ’image, sound and web ’workshop in Alexandria and beirut 2007 and a workshop with jeremy beaudry on the idea of art in free space. http://alexandria.placeinplaceof.net/

And she participated in some local exhibitions like the annual exihibition of pioneers of summer and winter studies at atelier of Alexandria 2005, the university union exhibition 2005 and 2006, ’dismontling Picaso’ an exihibition at ACAF gallery ’Alexandria contemporary arts fourm’ and ’suroundings ’ an installation exihibition at atelier of Alexandria

She has been selected for the egyptian pavillon at Puglia 2008 – Italy
XIII B J C E M B i e n n i a l in VISUAL ARTS

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