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Moataz El Safty

independant artist and coodonnator ATELIER of Alexandria

Moataz El Safty is involved in RAMI project since the beginning in Arbomed residence in October 2006 in Friche La Belle de Mai. He has organised with RAMI Partners the step of RAMI in June in Alexandria.

As visual artist Moataz El Safty had many opportunities to exhibite in Egypt and abroad. He organizes régulary workshops in Atelier and with other cultural places.

2006 international Exhibition – Croatia, 2006 Yearly Exhibition for Fikrun Wa Fann Salon – Goethe institute – Alexandria, 2006 Sarajevo Winter Festival 2006 “The Light” – Bosnia and Herzegovina.2005 coordinator of artistic programs in atelier of alexandria, 2005 workshop “ SPIP” project in Marseille – France (ZINC/ECM- Espace Culture Multimedia, 2004 Preparing a workshop for one month with the Gudran for Arts and Development El Max – Fishers Village – Alexandria., 2004 Participated with Egyptian Artists group in book art biennale in Frankfort-Germany., 2004 3rd International Tunis Biennale., 2004 Exhibition with Egyptian artists and Italian artists in Egyptian culture center in Italy. 2003 Private invitation to go to Japan to participate in work shop with japanese artists., 2001 8th International Cairo Biennale. ,1999 Workshop “Memory of Alexandria“- ECUME Culture Exchange between Mediterranean Countries., From 1998 to 2004 he won Award for Artistic Creativity from Ministry of Culture., 2003 The prize of 6th Autumn Salon., 2002 Appreciation Award in 5th Autumn Salon – Cairo. 2006 Organizer and coordinator of AAW international workshop 2006 – AAW / Atelier of Alexandria, 2006 Commissioner of the first international youth salon 2006 in AAW / Atelier of Alexandria, 2005 coordinator of Artistic programs, External Relations and web contents in Atelier of Alexandria, 2005 Commissioner of Exhibition in Alexandria Atelier, 2004 Preparing a workshop for one month with the Gudran for Arts and Development El Max – Fishers Village – Alexandria, 2004 Alexandria Coordinator for Form through Light Exhibition and workshop in Atelier of Alexandria - with Dr. Mohamed Abou El-Naga the general commissioner and Dr.Mohamed Salem Alexandria commissioner, 2004 the Bibliotheca Alexandrina chose him as Alexandrian coordinator in the first international biennale for hand printed artists book with Khaled Hafiz the general Commissioner, 2002 The General Organization for Culture Palaces chose him as a Commissioner for Alexandrian Creations Exhibition - Creation Center – Alexandria, and Alexandrian Artists Exhibition - Gallery 95 – Alexandria.

In 2007, with other artists, he has founded a new collective group called Dwayer Group.

Atelier d’Alexandrie:http://www.atelieralex.com/


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