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Mohamed Salah is born in 1979 in Alexandria, he’s a graduate of the Psychology Faculty, at the University of Alexandria. He studied movie making at the Jesuit Cultural Center and the SEMAT from 2003 to 2005. He worked with many professionals as an assistant director, and took part in many workshops, among which an artistic residency at Makan, Jordania. Since 2005, he has worked on many media support. He won a grant from El Mawed El Saqqafi association, in order to produce his first feature length film, « Goozor ». In 2007, he participated at Berlinale Talent Campus 5# which organised by Berlin International Film Festival. Nowadays, he’s working at the Media department of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, while developping in parallel his projects : one of them is dealing with the situation of illegal immigrants in Europe, and the other is the development of a database on young egyptian video creation. Most of his movies are inspired by Alexandria, and the changes it is going through, turning it into a much more distant and strict city.


2005 : « Pschoteen », short drama, 25 min.

2006 : « Goozor » (Island), length feature fiction movie, official selection of FIPA (International Festival of Audiovisual Programs).
When you end up suffering of loneliness, with no one to talk to, there may be someone nearby you don’t know but who’s in the same situation. You never exchange a word and you each go your own way. New technologies have not kept their promise of narrowing the distance between people, no more than they have taken them out of their solitude and isolation. Human nature always yearns for the company of others but often finds itself alone. What binds people together is “alienation.” Inner alienation happens when people who live together without really knowing one another suffer from the same impossibility to communicate. The film is set in Alexandria and tells of a group of people who share nothing other than their solitude and isolation.

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GOOZOR has been selected in the last BJCEM in Skopje September 2009