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Nadia Oufrid

Nadia Oufrid, is scenographer, researcher in the online theatre, and lecturer at the Lebanese Academy of the Fine Arts in Beirut. She is Amazigh, born in Marrakech in 1978.
Sue participated in RAMI worshop “Picture, sound and web” leaded by Renaud Vercey and Jean Pierre Noun in October 2007in Beirut.

Nadia Oufrid got her diploma of state in the Superior institute of Dramatic Art and Cultural Animation in Rabat, and pursued her studies in Paris X University where her DEA was on the topic of the Urban Space in the Street Theatre in France.
She participated in the second préfiguration de la FAI AR (Formation Avancée Itinérante des Arts de La Rue) in Marseille, and worked with several theatre companies as the company Plasticiens Volants in France. Currently she is a researcher in Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle (Topic of research: the online theatre). She lives and works in Lebanon.

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