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Naoyuki TANAKA, a.k.a NAO

artist, programmer

Nao is a Japanese artist living in France, working mainly in programming image and sound in the form of performance. His first artistic endeavor began in Japan with painting.

After five years of studying at the Beaux Arts in Aix-en-Provence, he turned to digital art. NAO has created a world-hardcore noise using the feelings that lie beneath his conscience, and it unites with the use of interactivity.
Since 2003 he has taken part in festivals of digital art where he experimented with his art work.

His performances range from the questioning of society and questions about daily life. They are cynical about the world. He regularly collaborates with other artists. These meetings allow him to further nourish and deepen his artistic work. In addition, he works with a Japanese company and produces software for smart phones.

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