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Paolo Rosa

Artist and co-fonder of the Studio Azzuro (Milano-Italy)-

Paolo Rosa is a participant in RAMI plate-form. He has presented in Beirut on the 13 october 2007 a lecture about the sensitive environments as Works of art and the interactive museums as frescos based on his method and several productions of the Studio Azzurro.

PAOLO ROSA was born in Rimini in 1949 and after completing his studies at the Brera Academy he worked in the visual arts sector. Working in the “Laboratorio di Comunicazione Militante”, of which he was a co-founder, he combined his interest in artistic research with social commitment. He
started working with Studio Azzurro Fotografia in 1979, promoting artistic research in the area of video. In 1982 he was one of the people behind Studio Azzurro Produzioni, where he was involved in designing and directing video settings in the world of theatre and cinema. He was one of the creators and promoters of important initiatives such as Film Maker, Indigena, and Generazione Media.
Since 1997 he has taught at multimedia Institutes at the Department of Art and Multimedia Communication at the Brera Academy, and carries out his didactic activities by providing workshops and seminars.

Studio Azzurro Ricerca is a centre for artistic video experimentation and production; it was founded in 1982 by Fabio Cirifino (photography), Paolo Rosa (visual arts and cinema), Leonardo Sangiorgi (graphics and animation) and was joined in 1995 by Stefano Roveda, as expert in interactive systems.


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