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Rabab Nawar

Visual Artist

Rabab Nawar was born in Alexandria on 5/4/1980.

In 2001, she obtained a Baccalaureate in Fine Arts- department of “fresco painting”. Later on, in 2002, she got a bachelor degree in “Ancient monuments Renovation”.

Rabab is working in the “Hussein Sobhi” museum, and she is a painter as well.
Since she graduated, she has been involved in the “Plastic Arts”: more precisely in the “youth Salon” in Cairo and in Alexandria, and in “the national exhibition”.
She has contributed in achieving several works related to “frescos” and she has a rich experience in the children’s field. That’s why she started teaching painting to children in the “Alexandrian Library”.

Rabab also participated in the workshop concerning – “The Broadcasting of an audiovisual interactive object on Internet” that was organized in the framework of RAMI Project in Beirut in 2007. She thinks that abstracting the concepts and notions in life is much better, if it facilitates the understanding of it. Therefore, when we put apart all the bad features by abstracting them, we would be able to see with more clearness and credibility.