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Sound designer

Yann Norry have done the performance RADIOVISION with renaud Vercey and Charbel Haber in the frame of RAMI Encounteers in Beirut on the 13 october 07.

Yann Norry is qualified of the University of Dramatic Arts in Marseille, he developed a practical experience based on the sonorous space and volume. He participated in 1998 in the exhibition “Musique en Scène » at the museum of contemporaneous art in Lyon and in the gallery Roger Pailhas, Marseille.

Later on, he worked as a sound technician till 2004 and webmaster at Radio Grenouille 88.8 FM Marseille. Since that, he cooperated in different creations as a composer: in 2002 in the “l’oeuvre multimédia Dirigeable”, in 2004 in the Herz spectacle of the company Nö. He conceived also the sonorous environments of the artistic works for the exhibition « Derrière le monde flottant au Mac de Lyon” and “NTT ICC” Tokyo-Japan and played a part in the sonorous creation of the sitewww.superpositions.net

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