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27th Instants vidéo

7th-30th november 2014 at Marseille

Instants Vidéo Festival propose at the Friche la Belle de Mai (Do It Your Way), 14 video installations by artists from Taiwan (Schizophrenia 2.0) will say something of their world which speaks volumes of ours, and fifteen or so others (Morocco, Syria, Palestine, Brazil, Pakistan, USA, Japan, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Germany, France) are a rallying cry for poetic reappraisal of all that can pierce the wretched barriers which turn our stomachs … Performances where the body waltzes with the po(e)ssibilities and acoustopoetics of technology and of the voice … Cosmopolitan programmes on such scales (with bad scores, crotchets, and sighs) of video (neither void nor livid) – to give body to sense and sense to the body. Debates to waft aside monotonous waffle, the frolicking of ideas and sensitivities springing into action to remove the rigid (and frigid) (governing) bodies which hinder free expression and the free movement of bodies and desires…

«(M)editorial Towards the free movement of bodies and desires

Video art is a contemporary art … of the struggle of those who have not yet renounced their right to bear wings.
1) More and more walls are built between those who have (almost) nothing and those who have (almost) everything.
2) Misogyny and homophobia (even when hiding behind good intentions) are walls built between bodies and desires
How can video artists express what should be a universal right: the right of everyone to circulate and settle where they please, to live freely in their sexuality, to love without impediment … ?
We have built this year’s festival upon our firm belief that the same logic drives all States, with the unfortunate agreement of a too-large number of individuals: to control the migratory flux and the flux of desire. The victims of this war against the unfamiliar and the foreign are in their millions today, whether in Gaza, Syria, Mexico, in Lampedusa or on our street.
We are living on a planetary scale under a (political and economic) regime of patriarchal domination based on the law of the strongest: the most muscular, the richest, the best-armed, the best-qualified, the best-endowed. Whether it be in the name of a god; of saving an economy; of the preservation of identity; or as a guarantee of our security, the predators of a cosmopolitan, mixed-race, and unanimous humankind are conniving to close borders against undesirable populations, and control sexualities that threaten the heterosexual nuclear family unit where the safe pairs of hands are reproduced to produce the luxuries indispensable to the workings of a liberal economy, or to carry guns to fight in new ‘civilising’ crusades.
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Dossier de presse des Instants Vidéo 2014
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27th Instants vidéo
Réseau des écoles supérieures d’art de la région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
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