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TAMAM Avignon 2015: Master classe, performance and debate

Faithful to its goal of promoting the cultures of Arab-­‐ Mediterranean world, and
for the fifth consecutive year TAMAM will be present at Avignon during the month of July, with different theatrical appointments.

‐TAMAM is in the street for a theatrical installation, from 13 to 26 July:Truth Box, of the Tunisian play writer and director Meriam Bousselmi, in partnership with the TARMAC (Paris).

- ­‐ From 21 to 25 July: An immersive installation around the speeches on manipulation, “What the dictator does not say”, by Meriam Bousselmi, in co-­‐production between the author and the Moussem (Antwerp, Belgium, june 2015)

- ­ A public debate on the theme: “What we see and what we won’t see as part of the Ateliers de la Pensée (Université d’Avignon) organized on the 20th July. by the In Festival and Tamam with Meriam Bousselmi et Ahmad El Attar, Egyptian theatre Director, author of The last super presented in the In Avignon Festival, with the participation of Henri Jules Julien and Laasad Jamoussi, debate animated by Claudine Dussollier.

To hear the debate on festival web site:

- And a novelty for the 5th edition: a masterclass of theatrical immersion.

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Text of Claudine Dussollier about Master class: