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Ahmed Hussein, born in 1970, is an independent Director and Actor:
-  Directing & acting in theatre performances, acted in short films, participate in 2 physical theatres and direct a short movie.
-  Director of a short movie “Hanin”.(2012)
-  Create “TAWASOL Troupe” an independent theatre troupe( 2009)
-  Director of “The Lesson” by Eugène Ionesco. (2009)
-  Director of “SORRY, No exit” a play taken from Jean Paul Sartre’s “HUIS CLOS,” which was part of the 5th creative youth festival in the French Cultural Centre, January 2007.
-  Directed and acted “Al MASSYADA” (The Trap) a play taken from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. This was part of the 2nd creative youth festival in the French Cultural Centre, January 2004.
-  Work as actor in theatre performances:
In Arabic:
-  “Nehayet El Alaam laysa eila” “just the end of the word” by Ahmed Shawqi( 2009)
-  “Om El Donia” by Nada Sabet (2009)
-  “Ana Delwa2ty mayet directed by Hani AFIFI.(2006)
-  “Tassweer Thatee” (Self Portrait) directed by Fatma IBRAHIM.(2005)
-  Mozaquarat Ragol Mayet” (Memoirs of a Dead Man) directed by Amr QABIL.(2001)
-  “Mahragan el Ashbah” (Festival of Ghosts) directed by Amr QABIL.(2002)
In French:
-  Acted in French in “theatre sans animaux"(a Theatre without Animals) directed by French director Gilles REBATET.(2001)
-  Acted in French in “Hadeeqet Simon” (Simon’s Garden) by French director Gilles REBATET. (2000)
-  “les femmes savantes” directed by Heidi ZAKI.(1999)
-  Acted in French in “Alma El ha’era” (Alma the Confused) directed by Heidi ZAKI.(1999)
-  “Bein Youm Weh Leila” (Between a day and a Night) a play by Tawfik EL HAKIM directed by Heidi ZAKI.(1998)
-  Acted in French and Directed “Masseer Sorsar”.(1997)

Working in physical theatre:
-  Shawaya Shawaya by Mirette Michel(2008)
-  Forging by Dalia AlAbd (2007)
Acted in short films:
-  “Makhala” directed by Dina Hanza
-  improvisation workshops by Ahmed Kamal at Actor Studio(2006 till 2010)
-  Nominated by Mrs. Hoda Wasfi and the CFCC to participate at the first session of the International Youth meetings in Avignon from 12 to 21 July 2000.
-  Participated in a theatre workshop for theatre practitioners, directors, actors and dancers organized by The British Council, The right to Live Association and the UK-based AMICI Dance Theatre Company from 19 – 24 February 2007.
-  Attend training course in directing theatre performances animated by the French Director Marc PAQUIEN at the French Council- CFCC from 16 to 30 March 2008.
-  Participated in the meetings and play readings proposed under the New Writing for Theatre Project organized by the British Council in Egypt and The Royal Court Theatre London in 2008-2009. The project began with a workshop in Damascus in April 2007 when 21 playwrights (three from each country) from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Syria were invited to work with acclaimed British playwrights April De Angelis and David Greig and the head of the Royal Court’s International Department, Elyse Dodgson. The Arab writers were selected for the project from one hundred applicants. The next phase of the regional New Writing for Theatre project was Directors’ workshop. It takes place in Damascus from 22 to 26 June 2008.
-  Participated in the Workshop “New Writing for Theatre” project play readings in Tunisia “I Come From Here”: a Play reading at El Teatro. New Writing for Theatre Regional Project from 16 to 20 February 2009 in Tunisia, organized by the British Council.