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Anne le Batard

Dancer and Choregrapher - Ex-Nihilo

Anne Le Batard is one of the pilot of RAMI workshops, more particullary the “Body, Movement and multimedia” witch has been done in Alex(June 2007) and Beirut(October 2007).

Anne Le Batard, dancer & choreographer, c-ofounder in 1993 of the company ex nihilo and responsible of the artistic management of it with Jean-Antoine Bigot in 2000. From 1996 to 1999, she participated in all the creations of the company Karin Vyncke in Belgium. In 1999, she was the performer in the spectacle « L est là » by Georges Appaix, company La Liseuse. In 2000, she joins the company Ilotopie in the show « Narcisse guette ».

Anne Le Batard acquired the skills due to all the training sessions she did, in particular with Hervé Diasnas, Jackie Taffanel, Myriam Berns, Frey Faust, Gérard Gourdot and Hubert Godart in kinésiologie. She was a dancer in the company Zita from 1990 till 1993, and then she became the performer in the company of Karin Vyncke in Bruxelles from 1996 till 1999. Later on, she danced in “L est là” of Georges Appaix, company La Liseuse.

It is basically due to her unique performance in dancing that is related to the public or the natural space, that she is invited to cooperate with the companies such as Ilotopie.

She held a degree in teaching the contemporaneous dancing in 95; she developed artistic practicing projects in the scholar and academic context. Since 2002, in a slight collaboration with Jean-Antoine Bigot, she has been proposing workshops, training sessions that alter the dancing and the public space, plus the relation with the environment no matter how it is, and the relation with the other, dancer/partner or public/passant.

With l’ECM/Zinc/Friche de la Belle de Mai, she has been invited to collaborate with Marine Quiniou, a multimedia designer and Maghdi Habachi, a painter, of a workshop dealing with the body, multimedia and performance. It was in the context of BJCEM worshop in 2005. The performance On-Art has been shone in Marseille and Naples during the BJCEM.

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