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Islam Kamal

Visual Artist

Islam Kamel is one of alexandrian participant in RAMI workshop Body Movement in June 07.

Islam Kamel was born in Alexandria in 1978, he’s a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Alexandria, where he mastered in painting. He also studied movie making with the SEMAT production group at the Jesuit Cultural Center of Alexandria. He worked as a multimedia specialist at the Faculty of Fine Arts from 2003 to 2006. Since 2004, he works as a director of photography for several digital video films, and as the coordinator of film studies at the Jesuit Cultural Center. He’s also a member of the video production studio « Vig life ».
He directed several short films and five documentaries. Some of them has been presented in 2008 during the XIII Biennal of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean, in Bari.

2004 : « Made in Max »
« City report »

2005 : « Bustashy »
« Icarus », script and direction

2006 : « Gudranne »

2007 : « Filmer les pierres naturelles », Art Center, Bibliotheca Alexandrina

2008 : « Surface »

the act of watching:
It’s about waiting for the tram at your terrace in order to find the answer to a question you cannot conceive.
The act of watching or daydreaming is only a connexion with what you see.
The mental images you produce are as digital prints : unique and forgetable. Sometimes you don’t even know you produced them, because it’s impossible to realize your presence in that universe, even though you are here, because we devote ourselves to habits, getting used to any image without meaning but consumed, just for the heck of consuming. Boredom and the fear of living are the consequency, we devote ourselves to any kind of drafts, we consume without thinking.
The act of watching is not worth much to the eyes of the egyptian people, who has its own conception of « true and false ».

Home by Islam Kamal
Home by Islam KAMAL

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