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Karim Shabaan

graphic designer and video artist

Born in 1990 in Cairo

In December 2009, Karim Shabaan took part in some of the interactive video workshops organized in the framework of the Memory and Futurism event in Alexandria. He co-directed the interactive DVD Futureya.

In his project Ramadan 29 online, Shabaan posted a series of video works on Vimeo which documented on a daily basis this holliday and everyday’s life during Ramadan.

To view his work online:Ramadan 29

Karim Shabaan was nominated for the 2008 Stranger Festival. He was also selected to exhibit his work at the 2009 Mediterranean youth biennale in Skopje

Since 2010, he’s part of the JM Liverato euro-arab exchange program between Marseille and Cairo.

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