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Mahmoud Rabiey Mohamed (Vito)


Mahmoud Rabieh/ Vito is leaving in Cairo. He studied in the modern dance school in the Egyptian opera house 2005:
- Modern dance with Walid Aouny (director of the modern dance school and company in the Cairo Opera House)
- Graham technique, Contemporary dance ( Release technic ), Jazz , Hip hop, Solfage, Percussion, Drama with Ahmed Kamal (one of the best trainer for actors for cinema).
- Contemporary dance workshop program an initiative of the in Studio Emad El-den2008/2011 with the partnership of the French dancer and director Laurence Rondoni . In this frame, he follow a very strong serial of master classes with several important choreographers as Claudio Ioanna (Release Technique), Sandrine Maisonneuve (Instant Composition), Daniel Larrieu, Germana Civera , Tomeo Verges ,Jean Gaudin, ...;

Dancer in:
“Olives” choreographer Nawal Askandrani , 2008, Tunis, Tunisia
“It’s not even thuesday” choreography by Mirette Michail, Cairo, Egypt , internatinational modern dance festival of the Cairo Opera House, 2010
“ View the dead art” choreography Mounir Saeed, Cairo, 2010

Personal dance works:
“Where the movement comes from” solo Mahmoud Rabiey, Cairo, Château- Thierry ( France) , Alexandria, Egypt.
“Enshrined” solo Mahmoud Rabiey, prize of the best performance and music in the festival 2 be continued in AUC Cairo, 2009
“Virtual Image” solo Mahmoud Rabiey Lebanon ADP, Cairo

Actor in:
“Places in Egypt” improvised with Dutch director Prono Autso , 2006
“Mirrors of the soul” improvised with the Egyptian director Mohamed Hamdi in the framework of Elbo2ra theater group, 2008
“Lost Monkey” storytelling in the framework of Haky Masateb, 2009