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Mayye Zayed


An Egyptian independent filmmaker who was born in Alexandria in 1985.

She studied Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in Alexandria University. She studied independent filmmaking in the Jesuits cultural center’s workshop in Alexandria in 2009/2010. Then she was granted a Fulbright scholarship to study cinema and media studies in Wellesley College in USA in 2011/2012 which also enabled her to take the comparative media class Innovations in Documentary in MIT. She directed some short films and worked also as a DP, AD and editor in other shorts and features. Her short film “Iskenderia” was an official selection in Montpellier Mediterranean Film Festival in 2013. In 2013 she also made her first feature film “The Mice Room” which was premiered in Dubai International film festival and co-­founded Rufy’s; an independent film house and a self funded initiative that helps independent filmmakers in Alexandria.



Workshop and collective artworks

The Mice Room

In December 2009, Mayye Zayed took part in some interactive video workshops in the framework of the Memory and Futurism event in Alexandria. She co-directed the interactive DVD Futureya.

Since 2010 she’s part of the JM Liverato euro-arab exchange program.

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