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Professional plateform on line

Meetphool is a professional platform where members of the performing arts sector can showcase their work, share professional expertise and build collaborations.

The reasons for the platform are many, but the most important are:

It is very hard to find out what is happening in performance arts in the Arab world, performance arts professionals need to better promote and store their work online, to aid in applications for grants, workshops and festivals.

There is a strong policy to bring the Mediterranean together and many opportunities for cross collaborations that are not fully taken advantage of due to the lack of presence online.

To help remove the general feeling of isolation professionals in the sector have as they struggle with minimal resources; wouldn’t it be nice if we could find others with the same interests and start a dialogue?

To collate all the news and resources making things available in one location and linking the sector together

The platform is for professionals and students working in Dance, Music, Theatre and Circus.

An initiative from Egypt, Meetphool was funded by the EU Commission to launch for the Mediterranean region.

To learn how to become part of the Meetphool network as well as share your thoughts on it with us, please join us at

View online : http://www.meetphool.net

Arabic version
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