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Shaymaa Shoukry


Shaymaa Shoukry from Egypt 1984 till date, she studied Visual Arts and Theatre in the American University in Cairo, and Dance at Cairo Opera House School, school of 2006. She also followed the contemporary dance workshops program at Studio Emad el Dien 2007-2011.

With a focus on choreographing, performing, and creating video art, Shaymaa is a multidisciplinary artist coming form a visual arts background interested in integrating divers disciplines in her creations. She is always motivated and inspired by working collectively, while developing personal work in an organic build up process where each project is the paving the way for the next. Shaymaa had the pleasure to be hosted as a resident artist, take part in festivals, perform and share choreographic work in Cairo, Alexandria, Paris, Marseille, Avignon, Picardy, Düsseldorf, Vienna, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Colorado.