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Sara Hany Abed

Visual artist
Lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt

Sara is an Egyptian artist from Alexandria. She graduated from the faculty of fine arts, painting department, Alexandria University in 2008. She participates in art based social work especially with children. She participated in various workshops and exhibitions such as :

Alexandria youth salon of Mediterranean countries

Euro med youth forum on gender and citizenship education (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Memoire et futurism multimedia art festival

Multimedia laboratory proposed by ZINC/ECM (France) in partnership with Studio Emad Eddin Foundation (Sweden) and in collaboration with Orient Productions (Egypt) and MAKAN (Egypt), within the framework of the J.M Liverato Project

Unidee in residence international program at fondazione Pistoletto, Italy.

In addition to her interest in different mediums of visual art she is also a current piano student at the ABRSM (the associated board of royal schools of music).