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RAMI - open meeting in Beirut from 5 to 15 october

Sensible environments

Paolo Rosa

Saturday the 13th of October from 15h - 18h. at the French Cultural Center of Beirut

Paolo Rosa will present the sensitive environments as Works of art and the interactive museums as frescos based on his method and the presentation of several productions of the Studio Azzurro. Paolo Rosa is an artist and co-fonder of the Studio Azzuro (Milan-Italy)

Studio Azzurro is an artistic research studio, that bases its expression on the languages afforded by recent technology. It was first set up in 1982 by Fabio Cirifino (photography), Paolo Rosa (visual arts and film) and Leonardo Sangiorgi (graphics and animation). In 1995 Stefano Roveda, an expert in interactive systems, joined the group.
For over twenty years, Studio Azzurro has been investigating the poetic and expressive potential of these systems that have had such an impact on relations in this age. Through video-environments, sensitive and interactive environments, theatrical performances and films, it has blazed a trail that is now acknowledged worldwide, by countless major artistic and theatrical institutions and events. In addition to experimental work, the groups activities are also tied in with more formative experiences such as the designing of museums and theme exhibitions whose cultural value has been recognised at all levels. In both cases, Studio Azzurro has taken care to create communicative environments that require an active and significant participation on behalf of the spectator who is part of the narrative structure, inspired by a use of multitextual approach and a continous shift between virtual and real elements.

In occasion of RAMI encounters, Paolo Rosa will illustrate through video documentations Studio Azzurro artistic path and how he has been involved to apply his research into the edutainment field, creating interactive museums as participation places, laboratories that testimony of today’s culture.

Sensible environments

- Tavoli
-  Coro
- Dove va tutta sta gente?
- ….e quindi uscimmo a rivedere le stelle

Réalisations muséales

-  Le musée audiovisuel de la Resistance
- La fabbrica della ruota
- Montagna in movimento

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