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Tarek Ataoui

Musician and composer

In the frame of RAMI plate-form Tarek Ataoui has initiated a workshop in May 2007 in Beirut with the French artist Guillaume Stagnaro and accompagned several artists in their works to be presented in October 2007, in Beirut too.

Tarek Atoui was born in Lebanon in 1980. He moved to Paris in 1998, started composing music on his computer and studied at the French National Conservatoire. He describes himself as an electro-acoustic musician, although he works primarily digitally, creating a uniquely abstract sound world with his experimental approach. Using patches and composed electronic music with his laptop (MAX/MSP) he makes soundscapes, often with beats, subject to breaks and asymmetries. He builds new software for each project that he works on. \

Performance Tarek Ataoui

In Paris he co-founded the Asa Djinnia Collective with Uriel Barthelemi, involved with presenting improvisation events, and began working with France’s Puce Muse and Cesare studios, along with several theatrical companies. With Romuald Tual (alias RO3), Atoui worked on the Onirica R\’9am CD on the label Signature (collection of Radio France). He recently made contact with Mill, the Beirut based improv collective, notably Sharif Sehnaoui with whom he played with at a S T E I M (center for electronic performance arts) event in Amsterdam curated by Lebanese trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj.\
Tarek Atoui specializes in software that allow artists to use movement to influence and control sound, video and light output, and in 2007 he started working with the Steim studios in Amsterdam, as well as playing with Michel Waisviz on an improvised electronic music duo.\’ca\
Along these activities, he is also very active in Lebanon and the Middle East as he works on several multidisciplinary projects, workshops and events destined to professional artists, university students and teenagers from different backgrounds and origins such as Smart Digits that he has initiated or the RAMI project over which he worked along with the French artist Guillaume Stagnaro.\
Tarek Atoui released a CD onStaalplat\’d5s esteemed Mort Aux Vaches imprint. \