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Theory and esthetic

Seminary Ricardo Mbarkho: Art and new media

Open seminary

Ricardo Mbarkho invites the artists and students to widen their knowledge, experiences and research in Art using the new Medias.
Ricardo Mbarkho is an artist, a researcher, teacher and coordinator of the network YASMIN Lebanon

With this seminar, participants will widen their knowledge, experiments and research in art using new media. They will study and think the New Technologies of Information and Communication (Internet/Cyberspace, mobiles, satellites, digital networks, interactive games, etc.) with their impact on the artist’s social and political environment, and how this impact is or could be shaped in their projects. So what are the new possibilities to experiment with? How to collaborate with electronic engineers and scientists for this purpose? What are the new esthetics that were never possible before the invention of the virtual/cyberspace, of the interactivity, and of the digital network with the Internet ?

This seminar is theory and esthetic oriented; a research laboratory in new media art is thus implemented in class. The aim is to cover a quick overview on the history of new media art in order to analyze art works and understand the judgment criterion for this new esthetic. The participants will be constantly oriented to define and locate their positioning as artists operating in the new media field, within the global today’s art practices.

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