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10 Jun - 6 Jul 2014

XXVI Alexandria Biennale

for Mediterranean Countries 10 June- 6 July 2014

Held between 10 June and 6 July, the 26th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries showcases works by artists from 13 countries:Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, and Turkey, among others.

Following it’s last edition in 2009, the 26th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries returns to the coastal city.
The opening ceremony took place on 10 June at the Fine Arts Museum in Alexandria, where works will be on display until the biennale ends.

The opening was attended by the biennale’s president and head of the Fine Arts Sector, Salah El-Meligui; the biennale’s artistic director and commissioner, Mostafa Abdel-Wahab; the head of the jury, Olu Oguibe (Nigeria), the governor of Alexandria, Tarek El-Mahdy, among many other officials, jury members and artists.

This year the grand prize of the biennale was granted to Egyptian artist Hoda Lutfi.

Paralleling this year’s event, Alexandria’s Atelier has organised a display of many works by Egyptian artists.
The exhibition opened on10 June and will close along with the biennale.

the 5 days before the opening, The Multaqayat RAMI Alex 14.0 have been held at the Alexandria’s Atelier, with master classes, lectures and debates/

An International Symposium of the Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries was organized on the 11 and 12 June.

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