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9 Nov

Art and sciences worshop

As part of Egyptian artist Mohamed Hassan YOUSSEF’s IMéRA research residence and the Franco-Egyptian Science Year, jointly produced with ZINC, IMéRA and ZINC are organizing a discussion workshop open to artists, scientists, researchers and students on the theme:

Art and Science in the Mediterranean: What Cross-Cultural Issues? Contributions to the Debate.

Tuesday 9 November 2010, Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme (MMSH), Salle Georges Duby (Aix-en-Provence)


This is the first session of an exploration cycle to be continued in the coming years as part of IMéRA artist residences and ZINC-sponsored actions, in line with the RAMI platform and YASMIN network.

The selected theme is still too little dealt with on the shores of the Mediterranean and beyond. Fortified with our knowledge of both artists who understand the relationship with researchers, and researchers open to issues raised by artists, we wish to open the debate, share fruit-bearing opportunities, make them known, and disseminate their relevance more widely.

The artist Mohamed Hassan YOUSSEF’s September-November 2010 IMéRA residence is an ideal opportunity for us to organise this first workshop.

His project, PARTICULES, will be presented, together with two other projects by French and Egyptian artists, in specific relationship with scientists. On the basis of such multi-faceted contributions, we will determine possible work themes and relevant queries.

This workshop will also be an opportunity to present future projects sponsored by IMéRA, ZINC, Marseille Provence 2013 Cultural Capital, IRD, and their partners, aimed at developing links between art and science.

This project’s next sessions could be organised in Marseille, Beirut, Istanbul, Cairo or Alexandria.

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9 November workshop
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