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Amber festival is a project of BIS- Body-Process Arts-, Association based in Istanbul. amberFestival aims to promote an intellectual and artistic platform in the field of Art and Technology in Turkey.an art and technology. Amber festival is annually organized by BIS. The next festival will take place in between 6-15 November 2009 in Istanbul in a variety of venues.

amber’09 will host a variety of stage performances, an exhibition of interactive installations, a conference and workshops by international and local group of artists and thinkers.

amber’09 will offer an opportunity for artistic exchange and cooperation as well as will constitute an opportunity for Istanbul art audiences and young artists to view and experience an avant-garde art form as executed by artists from different cultural backgrounds. The exhibited artworks will employ computers, electronic devices, sensors, motion capture devices and special softwares.

The organization BIS - body process arts- association is an Istanbul based initiative that aims to explore artistic forms of expression at the conjunction of the body and the digital process. It was founded in 2007 as an association by a team of researchers and artists from disciplines such as dance, performance, design, social sciences and engineering. The founders of amber came together in order to create a local discussion and production platform on art and technology in a globalized World itself transformed by new technologies.

BIS defines its area of interest through the wording of its subtitle. The concept of body-process refers to the inevitable relation between the modern human body and technological processes and tools. Starting from the observation that new technologies increasingly manage practical and critical aspects of our lives such as communication, health and security, this concept orients itself to think about the fluid boundaries between body and technology and the consequences of their interaction. The concept of body-process arts envisages artistic forms that explore, think, embody and question this complex and multifaceted relationship.

for more information on BIS:
and on 2009 Amber Festival :http://www.a-m-b-e-r.net/index_en_09.html


Conference The first international amberConference will be held in conjunction with the amber’09 art and Technology Festival in November 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey. The aims and scope of this conference are to create a platform of discussion and dissemination for the various themes and topics in which Science, Art and Technology converge.

Stage performances involve performance groups that focus on the inter-relations between body and technology through the use of various interactive forms and devices on the stage. amber’09 invites artists and art groups who create multimedia stage shows to İstanbul.

Interactive Installations seek to produce an interactive and participatory environment by inviting and including the viewer into the artwork.

View online : www.a-m-b-e-r.net




JM Liverato UE/Program/ SEE-Cairo/April 2010/2012
Nancy Naous
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