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Hussein SAMI

Sound designer/artistic music producer

Hussein Sami is a live-sound and studio engineer, music producer and sound designer. He is born in Alexandria and based in Cairo.
He has worked with local and international artists, bands, theater directors and choreographers at different venues and festivals in Egypt and abroad.

As music producer and live sound engineer, Hussein is always working very close to the musician, composer or music director, believing that sound is a performance that has to be in complete harmony with the music and the musical performance, as well as adding depth and new dimension to it.

As sound designer, Hussein has worked in different types of projects such as theater performances, music-multimedia performances, stand-alone sound and multimedia installations.

He always focuses on the different approaches of soundscape as well as using several techniques for multi-diffusion surround for sound reproduction.

In may 2011, he animated with Renaud Vercey a Media Lab dedicated to the links between sounds, musics and Pictures, and produced by ZINC, SEE and Makan.

In June and November 2011,with Liverato program, he is welcomed in ZINC to work on a specific and artistic project he wants to develop, called KALÉÏDOSCOPE.

In the frame of the residence in Marseille, Hussein colaborates with Radio Grenouille, a free cultural radio in Marseille: “Une playlist éclectique à base de galettes faîchement rapportées du Caire et commentées par Hussein Sami, ingénieur du son et producteur.

You can lissen Sons du Caire, par Hussein Sami on Radio Grenouille web site: , 88.8fm à Marseille, radiogrenouille.com