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26 May - 5 Jun 2011


ZINC and Studio Emad Eddine in partnership with MAKAN, co-produced a first Medialab in CAIRO from 26th May until 5th June. en artists involved in different artistic and tecg-hnical fields have participated in order to share research and experimentation in creative process.

Multimedia lab organised by SEE and ZINC took place during one week at Makan.
The french multimedia artist, Renaud Vercey, and an egyptian sound engineer, Hussein Sami, are coordinating the work between artists acting in differents disciplines.
« How to communicate between french, arabic, english, dance, light, sound, pictures ?»
The proposition was to connect each medium through digital tools using one protocol usually used in keyboard synchronisation : midi language.
Midi notes and midi controls allow to digitalize input which can be a movement, an instrument or a lighting...
The midi language doesn’t solve the comminucation problem but it gives us a common idea where each one can propose his own interpretation...

Emma Benany: multimedia visual artist
Shaymaa Shoukry : choreographer, dancer
Nahla Mattar : composer
Sara Hany Adel : pianist, visual artist
Maurice Louca : musician
Philip Mounir : light designer
Tarek Hefny : photographer, videast
Ahmed Selim : media producer
Renaud Vercey : visual artist
Hussein Sami : sound designer

The end of Media lab will be in MAKAN place on Saturday 4th June at 5pm.

This media lab is a part of LIVERATO program, managed in 2010 by SEE and supported by European Union. It’s also included in the international cooperation program of ZINC