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Jimmy Grima

Artistic Director and Producer of WH No.8

Jimmy is one of the participant in RAMI plate forme in June 07 in Alexandria. Since the end of last year, Jimmy came back home in Malta and works on a very exiting project of arts place: Ware House.
Since 2009, he is the artistic director of the rubber-bodies collective.

Born 4th June 1983 and raised on the central Mediterranean Island of Malt, Jimmy Grima is currently being mentored by Lou Cope.

He is inspired by nature, architecture, the spiritual world and the Mediterranean sea. Black and White. Linear and Curves are his addiction.His aim is to bring artists from different backgrounds, having different techniques and methodologies to collaborate together in creating stunning visual theatre performance projects. His theatre works are usually an ongoing investigation of the human nature and the human context in a society. He was enrolled at the Dartington College of Arts following a degree in Contemporary Theatre and Digital Art in 2003. When not working within the collective Jimmy Grima spends his time with his drawings which are usually is done with ink pens of 0.2mm to 0.5 mm thickness.

His last art work is named Bringing the White Sea (Ba!ar Abjad) to Theatre produced by the rubberbodies collective (Malta)
(BA"AR ABJAD), a 50-minute, non-verbal visual theatre performance.

Performer in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings with Knee High Theatre in Malta October 2003 then in Nicosia Cyprus
Founded Urbania Theatre Troupe
Codirector and performer in Jabberwocky Acrobatic Aristocratic Physical Theatre Manifesto at St. James Cavalier during the Dramafest
Codirector and performer in Lucifero physical theatre at Brigu Waterfront during La Mostra Impossibile Codirector and performer for the Opening of the Manoel Theatre Season
Supporting actor on Black Beard a BBC Documentary produced by Dangerous Films
Performer in Lucifero in the Focus International theatre Festival
Founder of Helptheblindartist an organisation promoting contemporary art and collaborative work
Co director and performer in The Story Of M at the Manoel Theatre
Performer in A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings with Knee High Theatre in Cornwall UK
Followed the Theatre and Digital Art first degree at the Dartington College of Arts in Dartington, South Devon UK
Director of Child a mime performed at St. James Cavalier
Set up ‘Newtons Laws of Motion’ a set of installation art at St.James Cavalier
Set up Interactive Installation art ‘Look and Feel’ at St.James Cavalier
The Worker and his Friends an illustration exhibition at GWU in Valletta Malta
‘Alexandria’ an illustration exhibition at the Atellier d’Alexandrie in Alexandria Egypt
Director of The Mountain Language at ACAF in Alexandria Egypt
Live Video Art and Illustrations during the Electronic Music Festival V at the Goethe Institute in Alexandria Egypt
Collaborated with Lebanese Paris based choreographer Nancy Khassab in an international experimental dance theatre workshop at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the modern library in Alexandria
Curator of the ‘The Birth of the Seventh Art of Alexandria’ at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the modern library in Alexandria,Alexandria, Egypt.
Curator and producer of Lixandra Project during the Malta Arts Festival
Founder of il-Mahzen NGO: Il- Mahzen is an independent not-for-profit and non-governmental organization with the following aims and objectives:
Founder and co producer of Warehouse No.8
Proucer of Hazem Shahine Concert during the Malta Arts Festival
Thoughts – Video Art
Founder of the rubberbodies collective
Director and performer of Grace u Rofflu by rubberbodies, premiered at MITP Theatre
Supporting actor in Agora as Hypatia’s disciple
Director and performer of A Revisitation of Grace u Rofflu on the launch of the draft of the National Cultural Policy.
Founder and producer of Patches – the special market.
Director of 100′: A visual dance theatre performance at Dock One by the rubberbodies collective.

Rytmii Vitae – a performance installation at the Museum of Fine Arts
Founder and Treasurer of the Society of Graphic Arts.

Jonathan (Jimmy) Grima
Artistic Director and Producer of WH No.8

View online : www.jimmygrima.com





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