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Nancy Naous

Dancer - Libanon -

Nancy Nous is one of the pilote of - Body, Movement and Multimedia II worhshop, with Anne le Batard, Delphine Rochette and Marine Quiniou.
from the 5 to 15 october 2007. She has participated in the same workshop in Alexandria in the frame of RAMI in June 07.

Specialized in the Dramatic Arts, Nancy Naous is practiced and skilled in physical theater and contemporaneous dance in Lebanon, then in France. Since 2001, she has been a comedian and a dancer with « Studio 11 » a Lebanese group of the movement.
Then in 2005, after several visits to Lebanon and France she begins to collaborate with the association Shams in Lebanon, in order to encourage the choreographers and dancers (French and foreigners) resident in France to deliver contemporaneous dance workshops in theater Tournesol in Beyrouth.

In 2006, she established with other comedians- dancers, a company of dance- theater « Company 4120.Corps ».

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2014-2015: Faculté des beaux arts d’Alexandrie, école d’art d’Avignon
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