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Art-science researcher, astronomer and editor.

Roger F. Malina is an art-science researcher, astronomer and editor.

He is a Distinguished Professor of Arts and Technology and Professor of Physics at the University of Texas, Dallas where he heads the ArtSciLab; The ArtScilab seeks to develop art-science collaborations that lead both to scientific discoveries and intense contemporary art works.

The Lab also runs initiatives in Experimental Publishing with MIT press which seek to develop new forms of scholarly publishing and public engagement.He is a Directeur de Recherche of the CNRS in France and former Director of the Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence at Aix-Marseille University.

His scientific specialty is in space instrumentation and big data problems; he was the Principal Investigator for the NASA Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Satellite at the University of California, Berkeley. He also has been involved for 25 years with the founding of the Leonardo organization whose mission is to promote and make visible work that explores the interaction of the arts and sciences and the arts and new technologies; he serves as the Executive Editor of the Leonardo publications at MIT Press.

More recently he helped set up the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies IMERA.

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