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The table, looking for lost time...

interactive installation

Work created by Mohamed Youssef and Sharif El Sayed in 2006 in the frame of Arborescence Festival in Aix en Provence.

Like an emerging light, neglected details, in the obscure part of our memory... Between reality and virtuality, we are present and perhaps not. Our project consists of creating this artificial environment of facts and discovering reaction to these facts. In this space where darkness reigns upon every object, spectators walk gently towards a table set in the middle of the room. A candlestick creating a soft light allows us to see the dishes, glasses, the cups, the water bottle... All these objects are connected to sensors, which translate the gestures of the raising objects.

Production supported by ZINC/ECM and Terre Active in the frame of a call for proposal for artists from Mediterranean countries (ARBOMED), presented in Arborescence Festival in october 2006,and in the frame of RAMi Beirut October 2007



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