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Independant artist

Mohamed H-Youssef is an independent Egyptian artist who experiments with a large diversity of media and different forms of visual arts: artistic booklets, digital works, paintings… Since 2006, his work has been focusing mainly on digital arts, and particularly on interactive spaces (with, for example, art pieces such as The Table, in search of lost time… and his project Particles). He has exhibited his work in Egypt, Germany, France, Corea.

« Despite the fact that the public in Egypt refuses to consider digital arts as part of the visual art category, I wanted to prove, through my work and process (as an artist, a multimedia designer and an animator for children digital arts courses), that this field can be understood as one of the many artistic tools which has linked science and technology to the art world. Even my work, as a multimedia expert, at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, is yet another application and cohabitation between digital arts and more classical types of arts»

Keeping beside his artwork, his profession as a graphic and multimedia designer at a private university (center planetarium at the Arab Academy of Science and Technology.

In 2002, he works as general coordinator and participating artist, in the first edition of the artist’s book biennial “Imagining the book”.

In 2003/2006, he works with ZINC- Friche La Belle de Mai in Marseille, to run workshops for Digital Arts, as member of ANIMANET

Workshops with children in Marseille and Alexandria
From 2008, he hosted in Alexandria many workshops for children, teaching them digital arts such as painting, illustration, image retouching and colors control, photography,sound and video editing-on computer, beside the handwork illustration.

For example, in November 2011, in Marseille, he hosted two workshops of digital painting, for children’ classroom, at Vincent Le Blanc school, a session organized by Zinc and theAverroes Junior.

Past exhibitions

Participated to many Art Books exhibitions organized at:

-  the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, (Egypt)
-  the annual book fair of the Alexandria Public Library (Egypt),
-  the French Cultural Center (Egypt),
-  the 9th Symposium of Carei (Romania)
-  the International book fair of Frankfurt, (Germany)
-  Frankfurt University Book Fair (Germany)
-  in Hamburg (Germany),
-  in Seoul (South Corea)
-  in Turin (Italy)

Digital Art and Multimedia festivals and networks

-  RAMI platform, in Beirut (Lebanon) and Alexandria (Egypt- 2007)
-  Arborescence Festival, Aix-en-Provence/Marseille (France – 2006)

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RAMI 3.0
Kareem OSMAN


Some links of his artworks 2010-2011


Published Work:
-  In Larkbooks edition, United States and Canada (2008) 
-  in Myung Sook Lee: Book arts, making arts, Seoul (South Corea, 2006)
-  In the Bartkowiak artsbooks forum-in Hamburg (Germany, 2005), 
-  at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, (Egypt 2002-2004)

Some of Youssef’s art pieces were acquired by private collectors and Contemporary Art Museums in Egypt, South Corea, Romania and France.