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graphic designer

Sharif El Sayed is a graphic designer, who has been working in the Arab Academy of Sciences and Technologies in Alexandria, as a multimedia designer and music arranger since 1998. He seeks in his work to combine the possibilities of the digital and the social cultural issues.

Short introduction

Sharif El-Sayed, Art director of the planetarium and science centre of Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Founder of MAHARAT studio and KHAYAL group exhibition and prize. Bachelor degree in fine arts, Alexandria University. Master degree in media arts and virtual reality applications in television.
Honoured numerous prizes in the fields of child book illustration, animation and media arts. Honoured three prizes from EBBY foundation 1998, 1999, 2000, gold prize from the supreme council for the childhood and motherhood 2009, UNESCO Aschberg bursary for young new-media artists 2003, Al-Mawred Al-Thakafy Fund 2007, Cairo international cartoon film festival gold prize 2009, Egyptian Ministry of culture prize for producing short animated film “Zlezla” 2009.
Participated in different national and international workshops and conferences related to child education, book publishing, animation and new media (Egypt, France, USA, Lebanon, KSA, Greece and Italy).
Sharif El Sayed organized and mentored different intercultural and national workshops related to art and new media education for both children and adults.

Some specific works

In 2003, Sharif obtained a scholarship UNESCO to spend six months in the association Cyprès, for research and production of digital art, in Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseilles. He is a member of Animanet first network and has participated in RAMI plate form since the first step in 2006 in Marseille

In 2006, he created with Mohamed Youssef « la Table- A la recherche du temps perdu »-“The table in the quest of lost time" have been presented in the context of the “Festival Arborescence” in October 2006, and in Beirut in the frame of RAMI in October 2007.

In 2006-07, Sharif is joining in the production of a web carton, as graphist, with children from Arles and Alexandria produced by CEAlexandria, the MAPA in Arles, and ZINC in Marseilles: Mare Nostrum

In 2008, he produced ZLEZLA cartoon project, with the support of El Mawred centre, and create this project with a team of artists and a group of 13 children in Alexandria.

In 2010, he has published with the writer Kohinour Osman, “Philip wa Omar”, a children book which has been selected by Anna Lindh Foundation/Arab Children’s Literature Regional Program. The publisher is Nahdet Misr Publishing Group